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David Lapof

Position: Fire Chief
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p.o. box 380 Siletz OR, 97380
A firefighter in uniform standing in front of a yellow firetruck.

David Lapof is a seasoned fire chief with a passion for problem-solving and community service. Born in Plainfield, New Jersey, David's journey has taken him from aspiring mechanic to firefighter, and now leader of the Siletz Fire District.


With an AA degree in Fire Science from Chemeketa Community College and Columbia Southern University, David has pursued a diverse career path, including farming, fishing, and owning a private ambulance service. His dedication to the fire service began as a volunteer coordinator and dispatcher, followed by roles as a lieutenant, captain, and operations manager.


David's proudest accomplishments include raising three solid adult children, changing state rules to improve EMT care, and leaving organizations in better shape than when he started. As a volunteer firefighter for over 20 years, he rose to Fire Chief without ever being a full-time paid firefighter – a testament to his perseverance and passion.


David's current role at Siletz Fire District is his "second tour," having previously served as a part-time fire chief from 2011-2013. He brings a diverse range of skills, efficient resource management, and exceptional communication to the district. His favorite aspect of Siletz Fire District is the community's dedication and neighbors helping each other.


David's fondest memories include a good-natured prank involving a rubber snake, a lighthearted moment in an otherwise high stress profession, and attending a firefighter banquet with three Siletz fire chiefs, a testament to the district’s camaraderie and tradition. His motto? "It's never too late to do something for the first time" – advice he'd give to younger individuals considering a career in the fire service.


David's commitment to fire safety, community engagement, and efficient resource management makes him an exceptional leader and a valuable asset to the Siletz Fire District and the community it serves.

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